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     What's new for me in 2023? More Farthingales and a brand new series called Moonstone Landing that will take you off to Cornwall's seacoast where three battle-scarred heroes find love and healing with their heroines, Henley, Phoebe, and Chloe Killigrew. The Moonstone Duke releases in May 2023, followed by The Moonstone Marquess in July 2023 and The Moonstone Major in September 2023. But first to release in April 2023 is a delicious Farthingale romp called The Viscount and the Vicar's Daughter. The viscount, Alexander Dayne (you met his brother Gabriel in Rules For Reforming a Rake and his cousin Graelem in A Midsummer's Kiss) is a widower being pressured by his family to find a wife. Who better to help him than the eminently sensible vicar's daughter, Viola? But as he sorts through the ton diamonds put before him, he comes to realize that Viola is the true gem and she has captured his heart. Releasing in November 2023 is A Duke For Adela, also a Farthingale series release, where Ambrose Thorne, Duke of Hunstford, is literally knocked over by bluestocking Adela Swift when she chases the thief who stole her research notes. They tumble, the thief gets away, and Ambrose is furious, but he decides to help Adela find the thief and retrieve her precious notes. Three guesses what happens next? Yes, big, hunky duke Ambrose falls in love with Adela.

     Also coming up is another of my stories for Dragonblade's hugely successful Halloween anthology, so come October 2023 look for a haunted cave, a heroine who is dangerously drawn to it, and a duke who knows he must save her. In December 2023 look for my lighthearted romance, A Love Letter In Amelia's Reticule, appearing in the Rakes and Reticules anthology. Amelia is a wallflower completely ignored in her debut Season, so when she finds a love letter in her reticule during the Duke of Marston's house party, she goes to him, certain it is a mistake. As they work together to figure out who wrote it, the handsome duke realizes he is falling in love with Amelia.

     Of course, there will be more Book of Love stories as well AND another new series coming in 2024 for my publisher Dragonblade called The Silver Dukes where, as you may have guessed by the series title, you will meet some hunky heroes who are graying at the temples and have now given up on finding love. You'll meet Gawain, Duke of Bromleigh, in Cherish and The Duke, then Connor, Duke of Lynton, in Moonlight and the Duke, and finally, Malcolm, Duke of Camborne, in Two Nights With The Duke. These heroes may be a little seasoned, but they sure do sizzle.

     Enjoy browsing through my website where I hope you'll find many stories to sweep you into the Regency world or if you dare, venture into my Dark Gardens series where you will meet Dragon Lords, a Fae king on the hunt for a mortal girl destined to fulfill the prophecy written into the Stone of Draloch, and the Draloch brothers torn apart by evil but who must now come together to save the women they love. You'll enter a world where bluebell gardens serve as portals into the realm of the Fae and the red mountain known as Friar's Crag is the entrance to the realm of the Dragon Lords. Bad boys abound! However, for me, the fun part about writing is to create the perfect heroine for each of my heroes, to imagine a woman with the heart to love them, the brains to outwit them, and the courage to save them from enemies and often from themselves. The romances I write are historical fiction, but the themes are timeless and universal. They are about the importance of family, of finding one's inner strength, of forgiveness and kindness, and the magic of romance.

Love Always,

"My Fair Lily is a bona fide page-turner, a delightful Regency historical romance that will leave you clamoring for more from this exciting debut author."

~ Patricia Ryan, USA Today Bestselling Author of Medieval and Contemporary Romance