Meara Platt


Welcome, my friends! I'm looking forward to sharing more books, more events, and a few surprises for all of you in 2018. As many of you know, I've been published for a little over three years now and have two Regency series (nine full length books in all, plus numerous novellas) to show for it: the lighthearted and humorous regencies in my Farthingale Series and the darker, more gothic paranormal regencies in my Dark Gardens Series. So I invite you to join me in the Regency worlds I've created. If you love dashing dukes, glittering ballrooms, and the enchantment of falling in love with lots of laughter, a little mischief and mayhem and a meddlesome family thrown in, then the Farthingales are for you. If you love dukes who happen to be shapeshifting dragons, and Fae kings who can also shift into dragons, and Dragon Lords who are bad boys in need of taming, then journey with me to England's quiet Lake District, to the vicarage of St. Lodore's where bluebell gardens serve as portals into the realm of the Fae and the red mountain known as Friar's Crag is the doorway to the Dragon Lords. An ancient Fae prophecy is about to unfold, and my heroines, Julia, Melody, Anabelle, and Georgiana have reached deep into their heart for the strength to meet their challenges. Are you up to the challenge? Step into the bluebell garden and find out where it will lead you.

The writer's journey has been magical for me, not only for the stories you've allowed me to share with you, but for the friends I've made along the way and for the recognition my books have received. In addition to becoming a USA Today bestselling author, I am also an Amazon UK Allstar, and one of my Farthingale stories, A Midsummer's Kiss, won the 2017 RONE award for best Regency. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible because I surely could not have done it alone!

My Fair Lily is the book that started it all and I'm delighted to report that Lily Farthingale and Ewan Cameron and his faithful sheepdog Jasper are still going strong. Lily and her sisters will make more appearances in 2018, so look for more books in the Farthingale Series starting with Rose Farthingale's best friend and partner in mischief, Nicola Emory. Nicola is about to get herself into a heap of trouble, finding herself unwittingly married when she's stranded in the Scottish Highlands. I'll be introducing some new characters in this series as well, so look for your invitation to a wedding, but my hero, the Earl of Everdon, isn't certain yet who the bride will be.

Several releases coming in early 2018. I've started a new Regency series called The Braydens, this one is about the big and brawny Brayden men, a group of male cousins who are as close as a band of brothers. I introduced battle scarred, war hero James Brayden in A Match Made In Duty, which is all about the power of love to heal a wounded heart. Releasing on January 16 is Tynan Brayden's story, Earl of Westcliff. He's a handsome earl, known as one of the Wicked Earls, who is quite enjoying his bachelor life until he rescues Abigail Croft outside his club one night and finds himself falling in love with her. Look for more Brayden stories this year with Romulus, Ronan, Joshua, and Finn Brayden.

Releasing on January 26 is my third novella in the World of de Wolfe Pack, called Bhrodi's Angel. Bhrodi de Sherra is the Duke of Pembroke. He has returned to Pembroke, Wales to thwart a plot against the English Crown, but Prudence Pertwee and her birdwatching society are getting in the middle of his investigation. The strong and proud de Sherra men are the legendary protectors of Wales, but Bhrodi knows he's met his match in the impertinent, yet utterly delicious, Prudence Pertwee.

For me, the fun part about writing is to create the perfect heroine for each of my heroes, to imagine a woman with the heart to love them, the brains to outwit them, and the courage to save them from enemies and often from themselves. The romances I write are historical fiction, but the themes are timeless and universal, about the importance of family, of finding one's inner strength, of forgiveness and kindness, and the magic of romance.


"My Fair Lily is a bona fide page-turner, a delightful Regency historical romance that will leave you clamoring for more from this exciting debut author."

~ Patricia Ryan, USA Today Bestselling Author of Medieval and Contemporary Romance