Meara Platt


Moonstone Landing

Love is timeless!

Gorgeous sea captain, Brioc Arundel, happens to haunt his old home known as Moonstone Cottage. When Lady Henleigh Killigrew purchases it for a song because no one else will go near the haunted cottage, sparks begin to fly between them. Brioc quickly realizes he does not wish to chase Lady Henleigh away. Quite the opposite, she stirs a longing in his heart.

But why is she here? Unmarried, obviously young, beautiful, and on her own. What brought her to Moonstone Cottage? And how is it possible she can feel his kisses?

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(Note: This story was first published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Boxed set Upon a Midnight Dreary, October 2021)

Moonstone Angel

He thought she was a thief, but the only thing she ever stole was his heart.

Cara Angel, the young companion to the elderly Duchess of Strathmore, has taken the old dowager off to Cara's seaside cottage in the charming Cornwall village of Moonstone Landing, and now the duchess's grandson, the very handsome Duke of Strathmore, is banging on Cara's cottage door determined to take back his grandmother and an heirloom necklace his sisters claim Cara stole. Fortunately, he is doubtful. Who steals a priceless heirloom and a grandmother?

In coming to Moonstone Landing, the duke realizes the lovely Cara Angel has not stolen any necklace, but she may very well have stolen his heart. Read

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(Note: This story was first published as part of the Anthology set titled Get Your Duke On in August 2022.)

The Moonstone Duke

What happens when a steamy duke who has never lost in battle meets the innocent young lady determined to conquer his heart?

When Lady Henley Killigrew's father dies and his title of earl passes to a not so friendly cousin who wants her and her two younger sisters out of their elegant London townhouse, she takes them to Moonstone Cottage, a lovely manor house they inherited from a maiden aunt in the Cornwall seaside village of Moonstone Landing. But their funds are limited, and the new earl is a stingy guardian who will not loosen the purse strings to allow her to properly maintain herself and her sisters in their new home. The only way to save them all is for her to marry, for that is the only way to claim her trust fund. Would her neighbor, Cain St. Austell, the brooding and reclusive Duke of Malvern, consider a marriage of convenience?

Cain St. Austell, the Duke of Malvern, has returned home now that Napoleon is defeated. But those grueling war years have left him scarred both physically and in his soul, for he lost too many friends and is not certain how or why he ever survived. Knowing he needs time away from London society and the madness of the Marriage Mart in order to heal, he has acquired a property in the quiet village of Moonstone Landing. Marriage is the last thing on his mind, until his neighbor, the beautiful and slightly eccentric, Lady Henley Killigrew, appears on his doorstep with a startling proposal...and he accepts.

In fact, Cain is the one who does the proposing because when the heart knows, it knows.

The Moonstone Marquess

What happens when a battle-scarred hero bent on destroying himself meets an irresistible force by the name of Phoebe?

Lady Phoebe Killigrew is appalled by the scandalous country parties their new neighbor, a war hero marquess, is holding at his estate in Moonstone Landing. She has every intention of keeping well away from him, until a governess arrives at her door with his two nieces. They are mere children and cannot possibly reside under the same roof as that dissolute. When she storms over to demand he reform his ways or she will not give them over to him, she is unprepared for the feelings he stirs in her, for her heart understands his nieces are not the only ones in need of rescuing.

Cormac Stockwell, Marquess of Burness, has given everything for his country, including his left arm. He just wants to be left alone to destroy himself, but his beloved and meddlesome brother has unexpectedly sent Cormac his two little nieces, whom he adores, to care for over the summer. But how can he take them under his wing when he cannot even take care of himself? And now his impudent neighbor, Lady Phoebe, is pounding on his door and insisting he reform his wicked ways or she will not turn over the girls to him. He wants to tell the priggish, but beautiful, nuisance to mind her own business and stay out of his affairs. However, he must have been drunker than he realized when she came to his door, for he asks her to marry him instead.

Is it possible Phoebe, the little lioness next door, can repair the tatters of his damaged heart?

The Moonstone Major

His scars ran deep. Only Chloe had the power to heal him.

It is said moonstones shine brightest in the presence of true love. Will they shine for Chloe, the youngest of the Killigrew sisters, and Fionn, the battle-scarred hero who has closed himself off to love?

Lady Chloe Killigrew is surprised to find herself much sought after in Moonstone Landing's elegant society. The charming seaside village has become a favorite holiday retreat for the London elite and there is no shortage of dukes, earls, or landed gentry lining up to court her. The only man who seems to be paying her no attention is the gruff and irresistibly handsome Major Fionn Brennan who is in charge of the local army fort, an ancient fortress dominating the Cornwall coast. Chloe has been secretly in love with him since they first met. How can she break through the walls surrounding his heart, for he is the only man she will marry?

Although Major Fionn Brennan worked his way up the military ranks, no amount of cultured upbringing will make him worthy of Lady Chloe. His heart aches to have her, yet how can he dare hope for a match when he was raised as a nameless orphan left to fend for himself on the roughest London streets? If not for the viscount who chose to bring him home instead of having him tossed as a boy into prison, he would probably be dead. Now that he has been put in command of Moonstone Landing's army fort, he is bound to see Chloe every day.

He has tried everything to keep from falling in love with her, but how long can he keep up the pretense? As secrets unfold, and everything he thought of the viscount who saved him turns out to be lies, can he find hope in opening his heart to Chloe? Or will they both be burned in the fires of an impossible passion?

The Moonstone Governess

Daire Claymore, Duke of Claymore, does not understand why he is so drawn to Moonstone Landing, the sleepy village on the coast of Cornwall. He has all the wealth and power any man can want, and women who will come running to warm his bed at his slightest nod. In fact, he is used to getting whatever strikes his fancy. Except, he cannot coax, bribe, buy, or get the impertinent Brenna Angel. Not that he wants her, although she is stunning and irresistible in an irritating way. He is merely negotiating to purchase a property owned by the stubborn beauty. Why is he not in London or Bath indulging in ton life with his fast set friends?

Well, Daire knows why. He has inherited an abused nephew who is wild as wolves and terrified of Daire because he thinks Daire will hurt him as everyone else has in his young life. Daire is determined to heal the boy's heart and teach him to trust. But how can he do this when he was not raised in love and has never learned to trust, either? He resolves to swallow his pride and seek Brenna Angel's help, for she is the perfect one to rid his nephew of his fears and add joy to his life. In healing his nephew, will Brenna also manage to heal Daire?

It is said the moonstones shine for lovers when the moon is full and silver upon the dark sea. Will they shine for Brenna and Daire?

The Moonstone Hero

She thought the moonstones were magic. He knew the magic was her.

Ever since she was a little girl, Lady Ella Stockwell has spent idyllic summers at her uncle's home in Moonstone Landing. But this year is slightly different, for a contingent of wounded soldiers has just arrived in the charming seaside village, including the handsome and highly decorated war hero, Caden Seaton. Ella lost her heart to Caden last year when making her Society debut, all it took was a waltz to know he was the only one she would ever love. But he is much changed since returning to England, for he is terribly wounded and surlier than ever. Will he agree to give them a chance at love while recovering under her care? They say there is magic in the moonstones that shimmer beneath the Moonstone Landing waters. She hopes it is true, but is it too late for her and Caden? With everyone clamoring for this hero's attention, will he shut her out of his life forever?

Caden Seaton, colonel in the Royal Marines, and grandson and heir to the powerful Duke of Seaton, did not need any entanglements when Lady Ella Stockwell first swept into his life. He certainly does not need them now that he is battered and bruised, and forced to recover under her care. Ella is even more beautiful than he remembered. She was a ton diamond when he first met her last year and is still exquisite now. But with all manner of noblemen courting her, what chance does he have to win her heart? Caden believes only Ella can heal his wounds and repair the fractured relations with his grandfather.

Is it possible for her to love him as deeply as he loves her? Does he dare place his faith in a foolish moonstone lore and risk everything for her love?