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"Meara Platt has created an out-of-order sort of series revolving around the Farthingale daughters: Lily, Dillie, Daisy, Rose, and our heroine, Laurel. Set in the Mayfair District of London in the early 1800s, this historical series follows the lively sisters who refuse to be bound to husbands who don't love them. This latest installment has the elements that fans have come to cherish:passion, love, a bit of joviality, and a lot of steamy kisses! A return trip to visit the Farthingale clan is always a welcome treat full of interesting surprises."
-- Starred review from Library Journal

The Viscount's Rose

Enjoy this interview with author Meara Platt!

Q: What makes the Farthingale series special?

The warmth and humor infused through each story. These are joyful stories not only of romantic love, but love of family, as imperfect and meddlesome as they may be.

Q: How do I know if I'll enjoy this book?

Be warned, if you love to laugh and feel good about yourself, then these enchantingly romantic stories are for you.

Q: What's the Chipping Way Curse about?

The Chipping Way Curse is a running gag throughout the series. The Farthingales have moved onto Chipping Way with five beautiful daughters about to make their Society debuts. Each unsuspecting hero walks down the street and BANG! he runs into the Farthingale sister who's meant for him. So the joke becomes, which bachelor is going to walk down the street next? And which sister is going to run into him?

Q: What makes Rose and Julian unique?

The Viscount's Rose is an introduction to the lovable and meddlesome Farthingale family. Rose is a talented artist and the eldest Farthingale sister. Each sister has a distinct personality and a unique strength that makes her a perfect fit for her hero. All of the girls appear in this story and the fun is watching each of them grow up over the course of these books. Rose is the first to stumble her way into true love. Her hero, viscount Julian, is on a secret mission for the Crown and is only pretending to court a horrid woman he believes is at the center of a spy ring he's been trying to destroy. Of course, I had to have Rose accidentally undermine his undercover work by trying to "save" him (at his family's desperate urging) from marrying this evil temptress. Be prepared to laugh as you fall in love with the Farthingale family. You'll finish the stories with a smile on your face.

Q: What order should I read the books in?

The actual Farthingale series order is:

The Viscount's Rose (Rose) book 5
A Midsummer's Kiss (Laurel) book 4
Rules For Reforming A Rake (Daisy) book 3
My Fair Lily (Lily) book 1
The Duke I'm Going To Marry (Daffodil) book 2

Lily and Daffodil were shouting in my head to write their stories. The identical twin Farthingales were so popular that I wrote all the sisters, hence out of order but they are all stand alone romances and can be read front to back (book 5,4,3,1,2) or back to front (book 2,1,3,4,5) or in any order that strikes your fancy. Readers have enjoyed reading them all ways!

Q: Are there more Farthingales available?

Capturing the Heart of a Cameron is available now, and contains three Farthingale novellas. This has been such an amazing and fun series for me, you never know what I'll write next in it.

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