Meara Platt


The heart always remembers.

Lord Innes Buchan, son of the late Duke of Buchan, spent his childhood apprenticing as a cabin boy on Captain Romulus Brayden's ship and sharing Christmas holidays with the Brayden family when his own wanted nothing to do with him. He is all grown up now and so is the captain's hoyden daughter, Hyacinth, the beauty who is determined to turn his life upside down. He never forgot her, for the remembrance of the bright-eyed girl is buried deep in his heart. But is he too damaged to take a chance on love?

Hyacinth Brayden has decided it is about time for Innes Buchan to marry and no one is more suitable to be his wife than Hyacinth herself. All she wants is his love.

But how can she prove it to the handsome lord when he has closed his heart to everyone and probably believes her to be another fortune hunting debutante interested only in his wealth and title?