Meara Platt


Sometimes it takes getting lost to truly find one's way home.

What happens when a blazing hot Brayden hero matches wits with a strong-willed Farthingale heroine and the mysterious Book of Love?

Camellia Farthingale, the youngest of the Devonshire Farthingale sisters, wants nothing to do with London and the Marriage Mart. However, she has agreed to go along with her sisters, Juniper and Willow, preferring to face the ordeal of a society debut with them rather than alone. But now her sisters have found love, and Cammy is on her own after all. She cannot go to London and runs away, for she harbors a secret she dares not tell anyone, not even Lorcan Brayden, the man charged with bringing her home. She has taken the Book of Love with her as she fled, but while reading it in quiet moments, she realizes that sometimes it takes running away to find the courage to face one's fears. And that in pledging her heart to Lorcan she has found the strength to stand on her own.

Lorcan Brayden has been charged with finding Cammy and delivering her safely to London. He is determined to fulfill his mission since he is one of the Crown's best agents and this is what he is trained to do. But he soon realizes there is more to Cammy's fears than making her society debut. There is a killer waiting for her in London and she is the only one who can identify him. Lorcan has fallen in love with Cammy and will never let anyone hurt her. But even with all his training and prowess, can he protect the woman he loves? Especially as Cammy gains the courage to stand on her own?

Not every journey is measured in miles. Join Lorcan and Cammy as they take their Journey of Love.