Meara Platt


Gideon Croft has spent years taking on the toughest assignments as an agent of the Crown, but he's certain this one will be his last when he is shot and left for dead in a seaside cave. When a ministering angel by the name of Lady Danielle Winthrop comes along and saves him, he knows he owes her not only his life but his heart...assuming either of them will make it out of her uncle's rebel plot alive.

Connected stories:

Earl of Westcliff - Abigail Croft has lost two of her brothers, William and Gideon, at sea, and her last brother is determined to dig himself an early grave. When Tynan Brayden, Earl of Westcliff, offers to help her save her youngest brother, is it merely kindness or is he also offering love?

Aislin - William Croft knows he must go to Tintagel Castle to find Aislin, the beautiful girl he believes exists only in his dreams.

Pearls of Fire - A cursed necklace brings pirate Hugh Le Brecque and Lady Emma Langdon together for a second chance at love.

Earl of Kinross - When Marcus Brayden finds his best friend's sister, Lara Le Brecque, sneaking into his home to seek his help, he is determined to do all he can to protect her, even if it means marrying Lara.