Meara Platt


Every lady dreams of a duke...

Read these six enchanting love stories of ladies finding not just the love of their lives, but the duke of their dreams.

Any Duke Will Do by Meara Platt

When the pompous earl in charge of the Midsummer Art Fair at the Royal Botanical Society refuses to allow Millicent Harkness to exhibit her paintings because he considers her a young lady of no consequence, she decides to find herself a duke to sponsor her and give her the necessary prestige. Any duke will do, even the handsome and daunting Brandon Avebury, the Duke of Melbourne, who is her last hope.

As Millie fights for her artistic dream, she begins to have dreams of a very different sort about this handsome duke who has agreed to help her. Can she win the competition and the duke's heart? Or will he never see her again once the art fair is over?