Meara Platt


Bhrodi's Angel

Prudence Pertwee and her Pembroke Ladies Birdwatching Society have been crossing the Duke of Pembroke's land for years to look after the birds that nest upon the duke's cliffs. But Bhrodi de Shera, the new Duke of Pembroke, a big, handsome oaf who is descended from the Serpent, the medieval warrior known as the protector of Wales, is a constant thorn in Prudence's side. He's forbidden her to cross his lands or climb his cliffs, but she will have none of it. Yet with their every clash, she feels his brooding silvery gaze on her, and knows that this powerful duke could very well steal her heart if she doesn't guard it closely.

Bhrodi de Shera, Duke of Pembroke, has returned to his estate in Pembroke, Wales at the request of the Prince Regent to foil a plot to overthrow the English rule. But the impertinent and headstrong Prudence is constantly getting in the way of his investigation, not to mention wreaking havoc with his heart. She is too brave and compassionate for her own good. When the rebels trap him and Prudence amid the dangerous oceanside cliffs, Bhrodi knows it will take every ounce of his courage and help from the Serpent everyone believes is mythical to save their lives. Can Prudence ever love him once she realizes the beast that lies within him?

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